Advanced Search

Advanced keyword search for better and more accurate results

General remark: AllThatStats’ algorithms try to do the work for you. E.g., they automatically interpret “GDP” as “Gross Domestic Product”. But sometimes manual interaction might be requested. In this case, AllThatStats provides a number of advanced search commands that will help you quickly find what you are looking for.

Boolean Operators (position it in front of the word in question)

  • AND” is the standard operator, search terms without specifying an operator are interpreted as “AND” search: find sources that have all the words shown in your search term

  • OR” search for one term or the other

  • -” a hyphen/minus stands for “NOT”: search not for terms with a leading not-operator


  • ?” a question mark represents a single character
  • ” * ” an asterix represents one or more characters


  • “your search phrase” enclose the entire phrase in quotation marks when searching for an exact phrase