User Manual

AllThatStats User Manual


AllThatStats is DSI’s statistical internet platform designed for retrieving voluminous economic time series databases with some million indicators from various sources, e.g. DSI’s well known titles:

  • OECD Selection: about 1 million series
  • the International Statistical Yearbook: + 15 million series
  • AllThatStats/DSI Campus Solution: approx. 1000 million time series

AllThatStats enables ad-hoc use in an intuitive manner, supported by video tutorials and examples. Economic time series databases from national and international sources can be retrieved simultaneously and extracted in a common format. But AllThatStats goes far beyond simply providing data on a computer screen in tables or chart views. Its integrated powerful calculator and transformer engines make it easy to analyse the statistical time series on the fly and to export or to share them with colleagues directly over the web.

The update frequencies are determined by the various official sources. The databases are always updated including the corresponding data history to mirror the latest official repositories, taking into account also fundamental data revisions, caused by the re-basing of indexes or by newly added series.

Data Access

Search by keyword

At the top of each page, AllThatStats provides a powerful index supported keyword search. Each query triggers a simultaneous run through all the millions of time series descriptions of the licensed databases. It retrieves and lists all relevant sources/databases for immediate access.

Browse sources

In the second instance, AllThatStats offers a tree view that allows browsing by source, theme and database (hierarchical view).

On database level

Once selected, the entire database is loaded for further action. On database, level AllThatStats supports the filtering of hits not only by scrolling through the time series descriptions but also by the implemented tree view allowing to fade out all non-relevant branches to get closer to the target series shown at “Available Time Series”.

Each series can be listed separately by following the corresponding “Direct Link” (depending to the periodicity: A – annual data, Q – quarterly data, M - monthly data). Alternatively, you can place individual tick marks, or tick mark to “Series” to select all series shown there, in order to transfer them to the “Selection” basket at the top.

Important hint: to keep the system fast, it is possible that there are more series that hit your filter terms than listed initially. In this case, click on the “load more” button at the bottom of the list to load them, too.

With “Selection”, you can collect time series from current as well as other databases. So, you can go through additional databases at AllThatStats to finalise your choice.

Finally, the selected series can be presented in tables and graphs for further action (“Show Selection”).

Data Presentation (“Show Selection”)

First, the time series are extracted and listed in a common table (showing the latest data at the top: last in first out) or in a scalable graph. But this is not the end of the story. Whether you prefer the table view or the graphic one, in both cases AllThatStats provides a number of important tools:

  • Export: tables can be exported to csv and xlsx-formatted files for further external usage.
  • Publisher: creates an editable and camera ready chart.
  • Calculator: standard operations for each single time series (+,-,*,/), absolute or percentage changes, compounded rates, moving averages, lags and forecasts, general variables (mean, standard deviation, variance, minimum and maximum value) can be generated/listed for each series.
  • Share tables or graphic directly with your colleague by mouse click.

Or store your selection to your personal “Watch List” for later usage:

  • Watch List

Every time series selection/report can be stored in a personal watch list. The watch list does not only store your time series reports selected from AllThatStats, but it also keeps the data reports stored there automatically up-to-date for later/regular usage.

Important note: When using “Watch List” for the first time, it is necessary to sign in for a personal account (user ID, password) at AllThatStatsNow -> My Account.

My Account

Beside the common login to the corresponding AllThatStats licence (IP controlled or via user ID/password), AllThatStats provides the possibility to generate personal accounts to save retrieval works (Watch List), to save individualised graphical works (ATSNow), or to save the results of mass regressions (Massive Data Analysis).

You are requested to create your personal account once, when using one of the services for the first time. So there is no need to act proactively here.

Access to “My Account” is located at the upper right corner in the ATS menu bar. It guides you to your personal account/dashboard and provides direct access to your work:

  • Data Analysis: all results from Massive Data Analysis
  • Watchlist: all your AllThatStats data reports
  • Sheets: all graphics edited with AllThatStatsNOW


Where available, links to statistical dictionaries, nomenclatures or classification plans related to the corresponding databases have been implemented by AllThatStats. If these documents can not fix your problem, please contact DSI’s statistics services for support:

Supplemented services

All supplemented services are available via AllThatStats.

Be impressed by the power of the AllThatStats platform, supplemented by AllThatStatsNow, Massive Data Analysis, AllThatStatsWatchList and AllThatStatsApp.

AllThatStats platform (ATS)

  • Benefit from ATS’s powerful retrieval tools guiding you through thousands of databases.
  • Enhance your modelling and publication work by the latest data to check your theses.
  • Get direct access to most up-to-date databases.
  • Extract, analyse and prepare statistics on the fly.
  • Export selected statistics into various formats for external usage.
  • Share your findings directly within your network (-> ATSNow).
  • Search for new insights: correlate your time series/patterns with entire databases (-> Massive Data Analysis).
  • Create personal reports, automatically synchronised with ATS, for direct access via desktop or your iOS or Anroid mobile (-> ATSWatchList).
  • Participate in pre-selected ATS statistics collections on your mobile phone (-> AllThatStatsApp).

My Account

Whenever possible, you are able to save your retrieval works (Watch List), individualised graphical works (ATSNow), or the results of your automated mass regressions (Massive Data Analysis) to “My Account”.

You are requested to create a personal account once, when using one of the services for the first time. There is no need to act proactively here. When implemented, you can control/access all your works directly via the your personal dashboard. Login to your existing account via “My Account” placed at the top of all ATS pages.

AllThatStatsNOW (ATSNow)

ATSNow has been connected to selected databases at AllThatStats in order to communicate statistics directly from the screen:

  • Retrieve millions of time series in seconds.
  • Create great charts on the fly and
  • share them directly via Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Direct link: AllThatStatsNOW

Important note: When using ATSNow for the first time, it is necessary to sign in for a personal account (here you can also store your ATS reports at your personal “Watch List” -> My Account -> Sheets).

Massive Data Analysis (MDA)

MDA supports your research in statistical databases. It explores “big” time series databases/platforms for any data pattern of your choice to identify strong expected/unexpected correlations automatically.

  • Simplify your empirical research on large collections of statistical time series databases.
  • Scan for best series, e.g. to identify the most up-to-date GDP series within various official statistical sources.
  • Check given time series for completeness and correctness.
  • Identify poorly documented time series, e.g. by searching for similar patterns within millions of well documented time series.
  • Define your own patterns/fingerprints to test your theses.
  • Explore and discover new exciting economic correlations.

You no longer need to crawl dozens of databases or hundreds of time series manually.

MDA: designed to test/confirm your theses, to identify new correlations and to discover hidden causal relationships

Direct link: Massive Data Analysis

Important note: When using MDA for the first time, it is necessary to sign in for a personal account (here you can also store your MDA results) -> My Account -> Data Analysis.

AllThatStatsWatchList (ATSWatchList)

ATSWatchList synchronises your personal ATS time series selection with the ATS platform permanently. This guarantees ongoing access to the latest data and saves repetitive and time consuming retrieval work:

  • Store your ATS retrieval reports to your personal watch list at ATS.
  • Run your reports directly from your watch list.
  • Connect your watch list to ATSWatchApp, your personal database app on your mobile devices (available for iOS & Android).

Direct link: ATS WatchList

Important note: When using Watch List for the first time, it is necessary to sign in for a personal account (user ID, password) at AllThatStatsNow. Afterwards you will find your watch list/reports at -> My Account -> Watch List.

AllThatStatsApp (ATSApp), ATS statistics on your mobile phone

ATSApp services have been focused on some important economic themes:

  • Population: country comparison (World)
  • World Commodity prices (World)
  • Consumer prices/inflation (World)
  • National Accounts: country comparison (World)
  • Intra-Extra-EU Trade Statistics (European Union)
  • Asylum (European Union)
  • Housing Market Statistics (European Union)

Direct link: ATSApp