How to start a keyword search

Keyword search -> ATS tutorial

You can start a query by keyword search immediately at any stage.

Type in your query to the search field located at the top of each AllThatStats page. E.g.

“employment in agriculture”.

The ATS search engine supports you on the fly by listing feasible amendments to the phrases, e.g.

… female …
… male …
… total …

Here we go ahead with

“employment in agriculture female”

Tip: If ever possible add a country name to your query. It can limit the number of potential databases dramatically and provides better hits much faster:

“employment in agriculture female namibia”

Finally start your retrieval over all AllThatStats sources simultaneously by activating the “Search” button. Within a few seconds all relevant databases are listed in a ranked hit list:

- World Development Indicators
- Gender Statistics
- …

Make your choice and again AllThatStats loads the entire database selected into its database section, ready to select the time series requested for chart and table views, time series calculations, personal reports or downloads.