How to "Browse sources"

Hierarchical search -> ATS tutorial

Classic statistical time series databases are organised in tree-like hierarchies:

- sources
    -- themes
        --- databases

“Browse sources” at AllThatStats’ home page provides hierarchical access to the sources (related to sources/themes/databases licensed –> the green branches). The databases directed to these sources can be accessed by drilling down the corresponding branches.

E.g. you are interested in World Bank databases:

Start your retrieval by opening the World Bank statistics at “Browse sources” and follow its branches down to the level of the World Bank databases:

- World Bank
    -- Africa Development Indicators
    -- …
    -- World Development Indicators

or for the OECD

- OECD Statistics - Statistical Compendium
    -- Agriculture
    -- …
    -- Economic Indicators
        --- …
        --- Main Economic Indicators
        --- …
    -- …

Finally AllThatStats loads the entire World Bank or OECD database into its database section, ready to select the time series requested for chart and table views, time series calculations, personal reports or downloads for external usage.